If your pet suffers from fear, phobia or any of the various types of anxiety, you may wonder what you can do to help calm an anxious dog. Many people take natural supplements to keep them calm and connected. And increasingly, they’re likely to give them to their pets as well.

Dogs experience anxiety problems for many reasons, sometimes behavioral and other situations. No matter what the cause, there are some steps you can take to help ensure that your pet doesn’t suffer from this unpleasant feeling, and anxiety medication is one solution. With Kannacalm your nervous dog can become a calm, happy and healthy puppy. These benefits allow your dog to live his best life, and you can rest easy knowing that he is not too stressed.

Kanna can be used for highly strung pets to keep them calm during those festive times.

Client Testimonial

This is Petey my hyperactive, nine month old, Africanis. I have been giving him Kannacalm in the mornings because at the moment we cant take him walking and he’s completely hyperactive normally running backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards to the gate to get out for his walk but during lockdown we’ve used Kannacalm and he is completely calm, totally relaxed he spends lots of his time playing on his own; and is not hyperactive in any way so thank you Kannacalm.

M.P. Scarborough, South Africa