Proessence gives back to the community.


At Proessence we believe in supporting the South African community. Because of the hardships caused by the Coronavirus it has been more difficult for some families to support them self. We have helped them by providing food packs for them.

Child headed family

This is a child headed family due to the passing of both parents due to HIV Aids related deaths. No one works in this family. Mostly it would neighbors or some good Samaritans that would help these children. Also these kinds cannot access government social assistant grants due to non-availability of formal documentation such as birth certificates and Id documents

Visiual impaired granny with grandchildren

This old lady is visual impaired and stays with her grandchildren. They normally survive on per pension grant money, which is in most cases is not enough because she has to buy food and other household needs and also pay for school fees.

Single mother of 4

This lady is a single parent staying with her 4 kids in one of the informal settlement. She is originally from Mozambique and came to South Africa illegally, she doesn’t have legal South African citizen status and therefore cannot acquire and formal work because of legal work permits.

90 year old granny

This 90 year old granny can still do some house duties by herself. She mostly survives on her pension grant. She has lost most of her children and stays alone under the supervision of her neighbors.

Granny and grandchildren

This granny stays with her grandchildren and also lives on her pension grant