Sceletium – Herb of the Year

“We elect Sceletium tortuous, also known as Kanna, as the herb of the year - not only for its heart-opening qualities but myriad other benefits." Sceletium is one of the most usable herbs for mental and emotional wellness. It has wide and profoundly efficacious application in many areas, and is a unique botanical treasure. Growing only in a small arid region of South Africa, this tiny succulent ground-cover has been used and revered by the San (Bushmen) and Khoikhoi (Hottentot) people for longer than history records. This legacy, which they have lovingly stewarded since ancient times, is their gift to us; and in perfect timing for the needs of the world today. It is truly the great plant of the heart, enlivening the heart where it is active and restoring it where it has been lost. Not only does Sceletium regenerate the capacity for deep empathy and love, it also mediates the entire mind and nervous system in the direction of calm, clear centeredness and spacious feeling. In this age of sensory overload, stress, busyness, anxiety and disconnection that so many people suffer, Sceletium is the perfect ally. The name Sceletium comes from the Latin Sceletus [...]